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PackRat's Message Center is accessed by clicking the white envelope at the top right of the screen:


When the Message Center pops up, you'll see three tabs at the top: Notifications, Recent Activity, and Forum.


Notifications & Commenting On Notifications

If you have received a notification since the last time you signed in, the Message Center will default to the Notifications tab; otherwise, it will default to the Recent Activity tab. Notifications will show you messages received, recent steals and steal attempts made by the Rats and other players, recent trade completions, recent trade declines, recent trade requests not made by you, recent auction sales (but not purchases), etc. Notifications will not show you when someone turns down a trade proposal, but that will show up under Recent Activity.




If you are logged into the game when an event happens that will trigger a notification, you will first see a notification pop up to the top right of your screen, which will disappear after 5 seconds, and the white envelope will show a yellow dot, indicating a new notification to be read:


That notification will then be found under the Notifications tab in the Message Center: 



You may comment on any notification you receive in the Message Center. Simply click on a given event, type your comment, and then click the yellow pencil: 



If you were the player to comment on the event, when you click on that notification, you will see your name and your comment, as well as any responses to that comment:



The player whom you traded with will see a notification about the comment in a pop up box that will disappear after 5 seconds; then the comment will be shown in the notifications section of the Message center: 



If an event you were involved in was commented on, when you click on it in the recent activity section, you'll see the comment there as well.


You can also comment on game events you were involved in by simply clicking on the other player's profile picture; you'll see that player's recent activity, including anything you were involved in, and you'll be able to click and comment on any event, which will be worded from your point of view:



***If you weren't part of any of the recent activity events, you will only see that other player's recent feats, achievements, auction listings, and successful and unsuccessful steals committed by the Rats. You will not see recent trades or steals they attempted/committed, completed auction sales, recent purchases, etc. So in the above picture, a third party not involved who clicked on this player's profile picture will only see the steal event and the achievement, although they can comment on these events if they so choose.


Recent Activity:

This section of the Message Center will show you all your recent game activity, and this will be the default screen IF you do not have any notifications since last logging on. Recent Activity will show any purchases made from any market, proposed trades, declined trades, accepted trades (including amount of credits exchanged), recent steals (successful and unsuccessful), when players start following you, when you start following players, when achievements have been earned, when an auction has been listed, etc. 



Just as you can comment on any notification event, you can also comment on any event in your or another player's recent activity by simply clicking on the event, typing in your comment, and then clicking the yellow pencil icon. If a player has blocked another player in the game, (s)he will not see the other player's comment (though other players will still be able to see it).


Rat Recent Activity

You can also click on the profile picture of a Rat to see their recent history, and you may comment on the steals they have made. Doing so will send a notification to the player who was stolen from.


Every player will be able to see that comment when clicking on the steal event, unless you have blocked (muted) the player who made the comment:


It's important to note that when clicking on a Rat to see their Recent Activity, you will see when they steal, or attempt to steal, from another player whose display name will be shown; but this player's display name will NOT be shown when (s)he steals or attempts to steal from a Rat; instead, their display name will be replaced by 'someone.'

If you are the one who stole from a Rat, clicking on a Rat's profile picture will show a little hand next to the steal event, indicating that you were the one who made this steal:



But another player who views this same exact steal event will only see that 'someone' stole the card, but not the player's display name:




The third and final tab in the Message Center contains the forums. Like any other online forum, here you will see different categories or boards to post in:



Clicking on a category will take you to that forum, and clicking on a topic will take you to that thread.

To return to a topic or a category, click the gray bar at the top with the < arrow (1)

To comment on a thread in the forum, click on the thread (2)

To make a new thread in the forum, click on the pencil icon (3)



You will receive notifications when a player comments on a topic you've started, but you won't receive notifications if you've commented on another player's topic, and then they respond to your comment.


Reporting Posts, Deleting Posts, and Blocking Players

One of the best parts about playing PackRat is how kind, welcoming, and helpful our community is, and we want the forums to continue this trend. To that end, we do not tolerate trolling, flaming, personal attacks, or bullying, and that includes any material which is vulgar, sexually-oriented, unlawful, defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, or invasive of others' privacy. Consistent violations will lead to an account suspension and/or ban.

If you find that a comment or a post violates these rules, you may report a particular comment by simply clicking on it:



If you no longer want to see comments from a particular player, you can click on a comment that player has made, and then click 'Block.' Blocking a player will mute their comments, meaning they can still make comments, but you will not see those comments (this is the way Facebook works). Blocking will also prevent a player from sending you trade requests. 

Alternatively, you can also block a player from the Manage Friends portal (assuming you already follow this player).

If you would like to delete a comment you have made, simply click on a thread you've created, click on the comment in question, and then click the green 'Delete' button; for now, you cannot delete an entire thread even if you created it, but you can delete the comments below it:




Player to Player Messaging: Whispers and Shout-Outs


Players can send each other two types of direct messages from within the game: a whisper (private) or a shout-out (public).

To message a player, click on their profile from the Explorer screen, and then click the message icon:



Then click either the "whisper" or "shout-out" button to send the message to that player.


If you send a whisper to someone else, only you and the other player will see the contents of the message, and only you and the other player will see that a whisper was sent when viewing your recent activity; in this regard, a whisper behaves the same way as any recent activity event that involves both you and another player. If you're involved, you can see the event and the comment; if you're not involved, you'll see neither.

If you send a public shout-out to someone, everyone will be able to see the content of the shout out, and will be able to see that a shout out was made when viewing your recent activity. 




-Unless you are involved in a trade/steal/sale/purchase event with another player, even if you're following them and have given them steal permission, (s)he will only see your recent feats, achievements, auction listings (but not sales) and steals/steal attempts made by the Rats. You will not see any steals/attempted steals committed by this player on the Rats, or any steals/attempted steals committed by another player on this first player.



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