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To access the friends management screen, click the gear icon and select "Manage Friends."



The 'Manage Friends' box is split into three sections:


1.) Players allowed to steal from you (players you trust)

2.) Players you follow

3.) Players you block trade requests from



By default, anyone you were Facebook friends with before this change will now automatically be in your "allowed to steal" category, because previously, you needed only to be a Facebook friend with someone to steal from them.


If you used to be Facebook friends with other PackRat players but cannot see them on the friend management screen, click on the blue Facebook button; doing so will automatically bring those players into your friend list as people you are following.


To find a particular player to add to your friend list, simply type in a name or Pack number into the search bar at the top of the Manage Friends box, and click 'Find.'





A box will pop up with the player's profile. Click the face with a question mark icon to manage permissions for this player:




The other way to add players to your following list is to browse through Packs in the Explorer screen in PackRat, accessed by the magnifying glass icon on the top of the screen.



From the Explorer screen, you'll be able to see the Packs of the Rats, Facebook friends, people you've recently traded with, different friends' groups, as well as a bunch of randomly selected player Packs. You can also search for a player by screen name or PackRat ID number from this screen, by clicking the pencil icon and typing in the search bar:



To start following a particular player whose Pack you're browsing through, simply click on their name/profile picture on the top left of the Pack to bring up their profile:



Then, click the Face icon to manage permissions:



The Face icon will change based on the permissions you've given the player. If you don't follow the player (and therefore haven't given any permissions to this player), the face will show a question mark (?).

If you already follow a player, the Face icon will show an exclamation point (!):



If you have trusted a player (given them steal permission), this Face icon will show a smile, and the player will be added to your 'Allowed To Steal From You' category in the Manage Friends screen:



If you have blocked a player from sending trade requests/comments, then this Face icon will show a frown:




Adding and Removing Permissions from Friends

To move players into or out of a permission category, simply click on the arrows from the manage friends screen. Hovering over each yellow button will tell you what function is performed by clicking it.





A few important points to note: 


*If you update a friend relationship (e.g., you grant a player steal permission), the other party in the relationship might need to reload their game to see the changes

*Friends in the blocked category cannot propose a trade with you. Blocking a player DOES NOT remove their steal permission if you are both FFA players!

*Even if a player is your Facebook friend, in order to be able to see him/her on your friends list from the explorer screen, you need to first follow them via the friend management screen in PackRat.

*Blocking a player you don't follow will add them to the block trade requests category in the Manage Friends screen, but they won't show up when you select 'Following' from the drop-down menu in the Explorer.



Random Packs to explore, follow, or steal from (if FFA)!

If you're co-op and would like to find new friends to follow, or if you're FFA and you'd like to find new friends to steal from, simply head to the explorer page by clicking on the magnifying glass, and then clicking on the dropdown menu that says "Random Packs":



You do not need to be following any of these random players to be able to steal from their Packs (assuming you're both FFA), nor do you need to be following the player to request a trade, but if you would like to follow them, simply click on their name/profile picture on the top left of their Pack screen, and then click follow.

Keep in mind that if your play style is FFA, your Pack will be among the random FFA Packs shown to another player!


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