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In PackRat, Bling is a type of art-enhancing gadget that you can apply to any card, including a card already Blinged. Adding the gadget will adorn the card with a special design that overlays the normal card art. There are dozens of different types of Blings to suit your tastes, from blood-spatter bling to pixie dust bling and everything in between!


Bling is only available for purchase in premium markets, and is identified by the dripping paint can on the front. However, various Bling can be won for free by playing draw cards, which are won through flipping cards or playing FlipRat. 


You may purchase Bling for credits from the XL-only Alcatraz market:



Or you may purchase Bling for tickets (whether or not you're an XL player) from the Las Vegas market. Note that sometimes Bling will be put on sale; for example, Christmas Lights Bling will often go on sale around the holidays, and action-hero Bling might be on sale if there's currently an action-hero collection in the markets:




A Bling gadget is applied to a card the same way a lock gadget is applied. You must first purchase the card by clicking on the card and clicking buy. The card will show up in your Pack.

Now click on the card in your pack, and click 'Use Gadget.'




Then, click on whatever card you’d like to add the Bling to; you may preview what the bling would look like on any card in your Pack before hitting apply. Once you choose the card you'd like to add Bling to, click 'Apply.' 




You will now see the Blinged card in your Pack:



If you do not like how the card looks after clicking apply, you can remove the Bling by purchasing a 'scrubber' gadget, and applying it to the card. The scrubber gadget will erase any Bling (or foil) on the card.




A few important points to keep in mind:


-Adding Bling purchased with tickets to an unprotected card does not protect it from being stolen, even temporarily. But, it will add the ticket cost (CTV) to this card. So if you purchased a card with credits, and purchased a Bling for 25 tickets and applied it to that card, that card will now have a Card Ticket Value (CTV) of 25.

-If you Bling a Foil card and then use a scrubber to remove this Bling, both the Foil AND the Bling will be removed!

-While using the Scrubber will remove the Bling from a card, it will not remove the CTV of that Bling if the Bling was purchased with tickets. 


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