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Another way of acquiring cards in PackRat is by drawing a new card from the draw deck. All new players are given 5 bonus draw cards when they first start, and you cannot have more than 10 draw cards in your Pack at once, though they do not count toward the number of total cards in your Pack.


Bonus draw cards are found randomly throughout the game and can also be won by playing FlipRat. You can find them, along with credits by flipping (clicking) the cards in your friends’ Packs or the Rats’ Packs. If you flip a draw card, you will see a the text "+1 draw" briefly appear and disappear near the card you flipped that gave you a draw card.

The bonus draw card will automatically be added as the last card in your Pack and will look like this:



Click on this card in your pack, and then click play. Five cards will be laid out, with one of them being face down:


You can click on any card to add it to your Pack, click on the credits (the gold pot_ to add them to your account, or click on the orange face-down card to win a random card. The card/credits will automatically go to your Pack.


*The face down card can be a card from a retired collection, though most of the time the face down card will be from a set that's currently active.*

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