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The Vault is a sort of virtual scrapbook that showcases all of your hard work--when cards are added to the Vault, they are permanently frozen and cannot be removed, but you'll always be able to see them.

When you first purchase a card for your Pack, it is safe from being stolen for only 15 minutes, unless purchased with tickets. In order to prevent it from being stolen from your Pack after this temporary lock wears off, you can either buy and place a lock on the card, or you can move it to the Vault.


You can move a card to the Vault one of two ways:

1.) You have 5 (or more) cards that are the same color

2.) You have 5 (or more) of the same card



To add cards to the Vault:


1.) Go to your home Pack. Click the 'Vault Cards' Icon at the top right:




2.) You will see this dialogue box:



3.) Then, click on 5 (or more) cards that have the same color, or 5 or more of the same card. The game will automatically grey out the cards that can’t be vaulted, which includes any Pack Pet card (shown in the top left of the screen). Then click the Vault button. These 5 cards do NOT need to be part of the same collection, they just need the same color background. Note that in the example below, 4 cards are from one collection, and 1 is from a different collection. Because they all have the same family color, they can all be vaulted together.


In the example above, note that only cherry-colored cards can be selected to Vault; if the player had clicked on a banana-colored card instead, only banana-colored cards would be available to Vault.

4.) A dialogue box will pop up that shows what collections the Vaulted cards each belong to, as well as your progress in those collections:




5.) The second way to Vault a particular card into your collection is to Vault it along with at least 4 other identical cards. From your pack, click on the Vault icon again, and then on a card you have at least 5 copies of:



A dialogue box will pop up showing you what cards you have vaulted. In this case, all 5 cards only count toward one spot in the collection; you can have as many copies of a particular card Vaulted as you wish.



Now when you go to your Vault and select the collection you were working on, you can see which cards you still need. Note that the number on the top right corner of the card shows how many of that particular card is in the Vault.




Vault Screen Information

From the Vault screen, you can click on any card, even if it hasn't been collected yet. Clicking on a card will bring up a larger version of the card, as well as details, such as card name, the collection it belongs to, what ingredients are used to make it (if a recipe card), the card's issue number, when it was Vaulted, when it was originally published, how many copies you have, and what the total CTV (Card Ticket Value) is for that given card:




If you have multiple copies of a given card Vaulted, clicking the left or right arrows will cycle through any variation of this card, such as a foiled version, one with a premium border, one that has been blinged, etc. By default, the 'favorite' version of the card shown in the Vault will be the foiled version (if present), but you can change this to a different variation of that same card (if present) by using the arrows, and then clicking the 'Favorite' button. If the card has been selected as a favorite, the 'favorite' button will be greyed out:



So, if you have 50 of the exact same card vaulted with no variations such as foils or blings, you won't be able to cycle through them, and the lowest issue number of this card will be shown. 

For example, there are 4 copies of the card shown above, but only 3 different variations: premium border, foiled, blinged, which you can see by clicking the arrows:



And clicking on the arrow again shows the blinged version of the card:




Pack Peek Screen

One powerful feature of the Vault is that after clicking on a card, if you're not sure if you currently have it in your Pack, then simply click the home Pack icon to the left of the card:


Clicking this button will generate a preview of any cards you currently have in your Pack, so you can quickly determine if you still need to collect this card (or the ingredients to make this card).




Clicking on the three dots at the top left of this Pack Preview screen will show you your Pack Stats, with details like how many spaces you have left, how many locks you're using, how many cards you have under auction, etc.:


You can even click on cards from this Pack Preview screen, in order to see things like issue number, and CTV for that card.


Importantly, this Pack Peek can be accessed from anywhere in the game (except the Pack itself) by clicking or tapping the Pack indicator box at the very top left of the screen, or by tapping the Pack icon next to any card after clicking it first.



The Vault Preview Screen

Just as you can access a Pack Preview screen from the Vault to check if you already have a card you need in your Pack, you can also access a Vault Preview screen by clicking on a card from your Pack, the Explorer, or any of the markets:



Clicking this button will bring up a preview of the collection this card belongs to, so you can quickly tell that you already have this card Vaulted:




Adding Collections to Your To-Do List

From the Vault view, you can tag collections you’re currently working on, which will automatically bring that collection into the ‘To-Do List’ section of your Vault! Simply click on any collection in your Vault, and where it says how many cards have been collected at the top of the screen, click the green star to tag this set and add it to your To-Do List. To remove this set from your To-Do List, simply click the green star again so it’s not highlighted:



To see collections you’ve tagged in your Vault, select the first option from the drop-down menu, ‘To-Do List Collections’:



Even more helpful, cards from a tagged collection will show the green star tag wherever that card is available in the game--in the markets, in the Rats, or in another player’s Pack--so you’ll be able to tell at a quick glance if a card is from a collection you’re currently working on.



You’ll also be able to go to your friend list and see what collections your friends are working on by clicking their profile picture, in case you’d like to help them find cards:





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