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Recipe cards are made by combining 3 other cards from the same* collection to make a new card. These 3 component cards can each be different, or all the same.

 *there are a handful of exceptions to this rule, such as the 400th, 500th, and 600th set, and special 'crossover' sets, which require cards from other sets to be completed

1.) To make a recipe card, you first need to collect the three cards that make up the recipe. You know what three cards to collect by going to your Vault and hovering your mouse cursor over the recipe card in a given collection, or by pressing the card if playing on the mobile app.



You can also find out what's in a given recipe by going to a very helpful PackRat resource website called PackRat Tools, and clicking 'info and recipes,' and then finding the collection you're working on.

Please note that when a collection is first released, you do not know what is contained in a recipe until an hour after its release; you can still try making the recipe by randomly combining other cards in the collection, but any success will be based on chance!


In the example above, to make the Dos Tacos card in the Cinco De Mayo collection, you need to combine 3 Jalapeños cards first.


2.) Collect 3 Jalapeños cards by purchasing, stealing, or trading for them.


3.) You do not need to return to your Pack to see if you have the right cards to combine into a recipe; the Red Pot icon at the very top left of the screen will automatically have a number next to it that shows the possible recipes you can make from current Pack cards.



4.) Once in your Pack, press the Red Pot icon in the upper right corner:



5.) Click on the cards required for the recipe. The game will automatically only let you click on cards that can be combined to form a recipe. Then click 'Make.'




6.) You will see this dialogue box:



And the recipe card will automatically be placed in your Pack, along with a 15 minute safe timer so the Rats won't steal it before you can Vault or lock the card.


7.) If you have a lot of cards from the same collection in your pack and don’t want to return to the vault to see what cards you need to combine to form other cards, you can always just click on a particular card, and then click the green 'Make' button:




8.) The card you clicked on will be highlighted in your Pack, along with other cards in your Pack that you could potentially combine it with. Note that it’s possible that a given card can be part of multiple different recipes!



9.) Once any recipe card is made, it acts just like any other card in your Pack after the temporary 15 minute timer expires--it can be traded, stolen, auctioned off, or Vaulted. The exception is if you used tickets to buy a component card that was then combined with others to make the recipe card; in this case, the card generated by the recipe is permanently safe in your Pack.


It is important to note that recipe cards in PackRat can have multiple tiers: the highest point value cards might require a recipe that includes another recipe card in it, which in turn might require another recipe card to make. In this case, you’d need to make the first recipe card first, and then combine with the other cards necessary to make a second recipe card, and then combine this second recipe card with 2 other cards to make the third recipe card that you originally needed. 



In the above example, 3 Jalapenos cards were combined to create a Dos Tacos card, which in turn was combined with the Churros card and Dos Tamales cards to make a Piñata card:


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