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In addition to purchasing cards with credits and tickets, you can also acquire cards by stealing them from the Packs of other users or the Packs of the computer-generated rats. The cards must not be locked or have safe timers on them if you wish to steal them. 

To steal from the Pack of another player, you and the other player either need to both play Free For All, or the other player has to have given you steal permission, if they're a co-op player. For more on player types, please click here: 


1.) To attempt to steal a card, first go to the Explorer page by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen:


The default view of the Explorer screen will show you the Packs of the Rats. In the picture below, we are exploring Captain Ratbeard’s pack. Note that each Rat will have a little hand on the top right of his picture, indicating that you can steal from his/her Pack:


From the Explorer screen, you can also view the Packs of all the players whom you're following, by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting 'Following' instead of 'Rats.' As with the Rats, a hand icon on the top of a player's picture indicates you can steal from this Pack.



If you do not have any Facebook friends who play, you can send them a request to play by clicking the blue facebook button:


You do not need to be Facebook friends with another player, nor do you need to be following her, to check out her Pack; all you need to do is enter in their PackRat display name or ID number by clicking on the pencil button and typing it in the white bar:


You will automatically be brought to the pack of the user who belongs to that ID number/display name.


2.) In order to steal a card from the pack you’re in, click on the hand icon in the top right corner. The hand will turn yellow:



3.) Select the card you’d like to steal by clicking on it.


4.) Then, click on the card in your pack you’d like to drop in order to steal this card, and click steal (in this sense, it's not technically a "steal," but rather an unsolicited trade).


The odds of a successful steal are determined by the value of the card to be stolen in comparison to the card being given in exchange. The value is determined by the number in the bottom right corner of the card, and has nothing to do with how many credits/or tickets such a card costs:


The closer the cards are to each other in value or likeness (same color border), the more likely the steal will be successful. In the example below, the steal was successful because the card being stolen was of a lower value than the one being given up.


If the steal was successful, the stolen card will now be in your pack, and the card you gave up will be in the pack of the user it was stolen from.


Any attempt to steal a card from another user, whether or not it was successful, will automatically prevent you from trying to steal from this user again for at least 10 minutes.




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