How to force Google Chrome 69 to remember Flash preferences and load game automatically

Team PackRat -

Since Google updated Chrome to version 69, a click is now required to activate Flash each and every time the browser is restarted and PackRat is loaded. Luckily, there appears to be a quick workaround for this annoyance:


Copy and paste the following into the address bar of your Chrome browser, and hit enter on your keyboard: chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-permission



You'll be brought to this screen. Click the dropdown menu to the right of this flag, and select 'Disabled'



After you select 'disabled,' Google will prompt you to relaunch your browser--click the blue button to the bottom right that says 'RELAUNCH NOW'



Now, you need to white-list the game website by typing the following into your address bar, and then hitting enter:


Click the 'Add' button under the 'Allow' section to add the PackRat website. Type in and then click 'Add.' If you've done so correctly, PackRat's website will be shown in the 'Allow' section.



Now, Chrome will remember your Flash preference for this site after exiting the browser and between game sessions. 



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