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Special Items are individual collectible cards that don't really belong to any one collection and follow a slightly different set of rules than typical cards. Visually, they look totally distinct from other cards in PackRat, so you'll know right away when you see a Special Item!



Here are the rules surrounding Special Items:


-They can be stolen, traded, or auctioned.

-They can be locked; this includes making a Special Item your Pack Pet.

-They can not be blinged or foiled

-They can be saved to your Vault one-at-a-time. Unlike a normal Vault action where you need to select 5 cards at once, you select a single Special Item to add to your Vault.

-Only 1 of each Special Item can be saved in the Vault. To save to your Vault, simply click on the Special Item from your Pack, and then click 'Save.'

-Unlike any other cards in PackRat, you can unvault a special item to move it back to your Pack! To do so, just click on the Item in your Vault and click 'Remove.'

-Special Items can be swapped - if you have one in the Vault and try to Vault another, you'll be asked if you want to swap them.

-Special Items are more collectible than most normal cards because normal cards in PackRat do not preserve issue numbers; when you make a card, the ingredients are normally destroyed. But Special Items can never be destroyed and will always be in play. Issue number collectors can work to improve their issue number by swapping cards in the Vault!

-Special Items may be released in a variety of ways. This first Special Item was released to the Rats. But don't worry if you're unable to find a Special Item in the Rats or elsewhere; since players may auction a special item, some will show up for sale in the player-run auction markets!

-To see Special Items in your Vault, select 'Special Items' from the drop-down filter list. Like Achievements, you will see the cards you have collected.







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    The real question is: 


    you collect them, you store them, you auction them, etc…. fine

    but… in what purpose ????

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