I won credits/tickets playing FlipRat, but they weren't added to my balance!

Team PackRat -

Sometimes when you're playing FlipRat and win tickets/credits, your account balance doesn't immediately reflect those winnings.

The issue has to do with the connection between the game on your device and our server. When you push play in FlipRat, our server gets the message and updates your account, and sends the result back. If your game never gets the response (which can happen on the internet due to a weak or spotty connection), your balance is now out of sync. When you go back to your Pack, your balance gets updated from the server. The balance could go up or down depending on what happened in FlipRat. 

Usually, reloading the game is enough for your balance amount to be updated, but if it's not for some reason, send us a help desk ticket at help@hookbang.com 

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