I can't play the game on my smartphone/tablet!

Team PackRat -

The biggest issue preventing players from playing PackRat from the mobile app is a slow or spotty internet connection (wifi, or mobile data network).


If you have a strong and steady internet connection and still cannot load the app, try the following:


1.) Make sure you have the latest version of the PackRat mobile app to ensure that any issues you're currently having weren't fixed in the latest app update! If you're an iPhone user, make sure you have the latest iPhone system updates, because sometimes this will prevent the app from launching correctly!

Click here for the latest Android PackRat app.

Click here for the latest iPhone/iOS PackRat app.


2.) Close out of the PackRat app, and close out of ANY apps that are currently running on your phone/tablet (make sure they're not running in the background, because many apps are launched automatically and may be running without you even realizing it!)


3.) Make sure you're logged out of Facebook


4.) Power off your phone/tablet. Wait 10 seconds. Turn it back on. 


5.) Launch the PackRat app. If you signed out of Facebook successfully in step 3, then you'll be prompted to sign back in when the game is first launched.


6.) If you're still having issues, send us an e-mail at help@hookbang.com

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