I'm having trouble playing the game on my browser, even in Google Chrome!

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The biggest issue preventing players from logging in to play PackRat from a desktop computer is a slow or spotty internet connection, an outdated or obsolete browser, an out of date Adobe flash player, or a combination of all three.


Even if your internet connection is reasonably fast, make sure that you do not have multiple extra tabs open on the same browser that's running PackRat, especially media-intensive websites (such as other games, picture-sharing websites, etc.). These tabs all share the same pool of memory, so the less that are open, the better!


If you're running off of a wi-fi connection, make sure you don't have a multitude of devices all connected simultaneously to the same wi-fi connection, because the bandwidth needs to be shared among devices. Restricted bandwidth will cause the game to run slower.


For newer desktop computers and laptops, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser for playing PackRat, because Google Chrome has Flash player built in, and updating the Google Chrome browser will automatically update Flash. On most other browsers (e.g., Mozilla FireFox), you'll need to make sure you have the latest version of Flash downloaded and installed on your computer, and enabled in your browser.


For older computers using Windows XP or Windows Vista, we recommend using the Opera browser. Google stopped offering support for its browser on Windows XP/Vista as of April 2016, meaning players using these operating systems won't be able to update their browser, and therefore won't be able to update their Flash player, both necessary for the game to run optimally. So for a simple install, your best alternative is Opera, available for download here. Keep in mind that you will need to download and install Adobe Flash as a plug-in; for more information on how, please read this article from Adobe's help center.


Assuming you have a strong internet connection, the latest version of Chrome, and only PackRat open in your browser, if you're still not able to get into the game, try clearing your browser's recent history, cookies, and cache, and then reloading the game.


If you're still unable to access the game from Google Chrome and are stuck at the screen where the game is loading, try the following:


Type this into your chrome address bar, and hit enter: chrome://net-internals/#dns


Then click the button that says Clear Host Cache. Next, close that window and try again to load the game. 


If you're using Mozilla Firefox, you can install a 'DNS scrubber,' which will have the same effect as the Chrome procedure listed above:





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