Why are ticket bundle prices different on the mobile app vs computer?

Team PackRat -

If you play the game on both a computer and on the mobile app, you might have noticed that our ticket bundles are different on mobile than on the computer-based web game. The reason for this is that Apple (iOS app) and Google (Android app) take 30% of all in-app purchases as a fee, as opposed to only a few % that is taken when using PayPal or a credit card from the computer version of the game.

Instead of increasing the price of a ticket bundle in the mobile app to reflect this 30% cut, we kept the prices same, but reduced the amount of tickets you get for that price.


Mobile is good for convenience, and is a good way to use up any iTunes gift cards (if playing from an iPhone/iPad), but it's a better deal for both player and developer if ticket bundles are purchased on the web :-)

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