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In addition to typical credit and ticket markets, PackRat has two player-run auction markets, which allow players to auction off cards or buy cards, for both credits and tickets!


Fort Worth (Credit Market)



Moscow (Ticket Market)



Any player, regardless of account type, can purchase cards from either Auction House, as long as they have enough credits/tickets to do so!


But, only XL members can list auctions, whether for credits in the Fort Worth Auction House, or for tickets in the Moscow Auction House.

Players may have up to 5 cards under auction at the same time.



PackRat uses a "Dutch Auction" format for users to sell and buy cards. In this type of auction, the seller chooses a currency type (tickets or credits), a start price, and the minimum price at which she'll sell her card. Sellers are charged a listing fee, which is 9% of the starting price, and is non-refundable, even if your card doesn't sell. Fractional tickets are rounded up, so if you list a card for 10 tickets, you will be charged a 1 ticket listing fee. 


When the auction starts, the price will lower automatically and incrementally over the length of time the auction runs (1 hour minimum, 72 hour max), until ending at the minimum price. PackRat users can purchase this card at any point in the auction, including buying the card for the starting price. If no one purchases the card and the auction expires, the card simply returns to your Pack. 


Unlike trading the cards, where the amount of cards in your pack remains the same, successfully auctioning a card off will free up a card space in your Pack. If the card does not sell, it will return to your pack and take up a space as it did before listing it in the auction market.

It is important to note that even if a card is currently under auction, unless you have added a permanent lock to it, purchased the card with tickets from a normal ticket market (green leaf icon in corner of card), or just traded for a card that you now want to auction (all trade cards are safe for 24 hours), the Rats still have the ability to steal this card from your Pack! 

You CAN add a permanent lock to a card after it's in auction. You cannot trade a card already in auction or the auction will be invalidated.


Auctioning a Card:


1.) From your Pack, click on whichever card you would like to auction. You will see this dialogue box:




2.) Click the Auction button, and choose how long you would like the auction to last (1 hour to 3 days), currency type, your starting price (must be at least 1000 credits or 10 tickets), and your minimum price (must be at least 1 credit). You are welcome to have the starting price be the same as the minimum price, though you might not attract as many buyers that way.



3.) Remember that you will be charged a non-refundable fee of 9% of whatever your starting price was (whether credits or tickets); for example, if you starting price was 10,000 credits, your listing fee would be 900 credits; if your starting price was 100 tickets, your listing fee will be 9 tickets. Click accept, and your card will automatically go to either the Moscow (tickets) or the Fort Worth (credits) auction house.



In your Pack, the card that you listed in an auction will have a purple gavel icon in the top right of the card




Buying a Card Under Auction


1.) Enter the Ft. Worth or Moscow Auction House just like any other market, by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen. Then, find the market icon that has a little gavel in the top right.


2.) In the Auction House, the default view shows auctions ending soonest at the top of the screen, and only 50 cards will be shown at a time. So if you just listed your card and do not see it in the Auction House, don't worry, it's still there!


You can easily search for your card, or find other cards, by using the Auction Search feature at the top right of the screen in auction markets (the list icon). You can search for a particular card, cards from a particular collection, or sort auctions by price, when they're ending, when they were posted, and whether they're from an active or retired collection:



You can also quickly view whichever cards you currently have under auction by clicking "offered by" and selecting "me."


3.) Cards in the Auction House will show a blue bar with the current price of the card. The circle shown in the screenshot below indicates the relative time left before this price reduces from 9,999 credits to a smaller price. How much the price lowers with each step depends on the starting price, minimum price, and how long the auction is.




Click on a card in the acution house to see more details. The time left until the next price reduction is on the bottom of the card. As the blue color bar decreases, the auction nears the time the price will reduce step down. You can also see who is selling the card, the name and collection of the card, and the time left before the auction expires. 



4.) Click "Buy," and the card will automatically transfer to your Pack. It will be temporarily locked in your Pack for 15 minutes, after which other players or Rats can steal or trade for it. 


5.) If you would like to see detailed information on cards you have either purchased from auction, or cards that you have auctioned, just click the message center icon, and then click the recent activity tab. There you will see detailed information about recent transactions. You are able to see the PackRat user ID of sellers you have bought from (but NOT their display name, because players can change this freely), as well as the ID of those who have bought from you. 








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