I haven't played PackRat in years. Why can't I find any of my old Feats or collections in my Vault?

Team PackRat -

In the old version of PackRat, your Facebook name wasn't automatically tied to your account the way we do so now. So if you have not played in a few years, there's a good chance that logging back into the game for the first time automatically will create a new PackRat ID and a new PackRat account (in addition to the old, original account).


If we are able to track down your old account, we can merge your old Pack and account with your existing Pack/account, so you wouldn't lose progress made on collections in either account. This is a premium service we offer to XL players only (past or present), because it can be very taxing on our hardware to perform these merges.


If you just came back to the game and aren't an XL player, we can also make your old account your current account, which will override your current account (you'll lose progress/Feats from any collections in your current account).


Answering as many of the following questions as possible will help us in tracking down your old account:


-Do you remember your old PackRat ID?
-Do you have any receipts for purchases you might have made?
-Do you have PackRat IDs of people you traded with?
-Do you have specific dates for events? Feats, achievements, account created, status posted to Facebook, etc.


Since there are a lot of old accounts on PackRat, the more information we have about yours, the more likely we'll be able to find it, but there's no guarantee that we'll be able to find your old account, nor is there any guarantee that we'll be able to merge it if it's found.

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