How come I can't find a particular card in the credit markets?

Team PackRat -

When a collection is first released, not all cards are released at once, and not all cards go into the same market for purchase.

Cards will first spend some time in the premium markets (requiring a subscription, or paid tickets, to use) before migrating into the completely free credit market.

So if you can't find a particular card in the free credit markets, it simply hasn't migrated to that market yet; you can either wait for it to migrate there, purchase tickets and buy the card from a ticket market, see if it's for sale in the Fort Worth auction market, or see if it's for sale in the PackRat Facebook Group.

A retired card (part of a retired collection) can only be found and purchased in the ticket markets, unless it's being sold in the Fort Worth or Moscow auction market (or on the Facebook group page).

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