What are tickets? What are ticket markets?

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Tickets are another form of currency used in PackRat to purchase cards. You do not need to be a subscribed member to use tickets, but they are not given out freely the way credits are, though you can win tickets by playing FlipRat with tickets.

You can buy tickets using your credit card/debit card or PayPal. Tickets can only be used in the premium ticket markets. While you cannot use tickets in the credit markets to make purchases, you can use tickets to buy credits to then use in credit markets.


Ticket markets are denoted by the green ticket icon on the top left of the market image, as seen on the market scroll bar at the bottom of the screen:


Ticket markets for active collections:


Ticket markets for retired collections:


Special ticket markets:

-The Lightning Market is home to Ten Ticket Thursday (TTT), where older, more expensive retired cards are put on sale for only 10 tickets and for about 24 hours; some of the cards for sale here were originally worth 120 tickets, so you can find some incredible deals in here on Thursday/Friday! You will only be able to access this market on Thursdays/Fridays.


-The Lizard King market features entire retired collections on sale; these sales will be announced in-game and generally last 24 hours.


-The Las Vegas market features Bling cards and lock cards, including the Pack Pet lock and the scrubber. Some of the game's Bling cards can only be purchased in here, though most Bling is in both the XL Alcatraz market and Las Vegas.


-The Moscow Auction House is a player-run market where players can sell any card, active or retired, for tickets. While any player with tickets is free to purchase cards from Moscow, you must be a subscribed member in order to sell cards there.


Typical Market Movements for Typical Sets

When a collection is just released, the cards are released into the premium ticket markets or XL markets first. If a card starts in the ticket market, after a certain period it will usually migrate into the XL market, and then the free credit markets before ending up again in a ticket market when it is retired (all retired cards require tickets for purchase, unless one happens to be under auction in the Fort Worth auction market).

*** Note: The above describes typical market movements for the vast majority of collections in the game. Not all sets in the game will be available completely for credits or completely in the Rats, as is the case with premium sets that require retired cards like the 400th, 500th, 600th, and Rat Pack sets.*** 


It is important to note that a given card may be available for purchase in a standard credit, XL credit, and ticket market at the same time, so be careful you're in the right market before making a purchase!


For more information on player accounts, please see this article.

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