What are credits? What are the credit markets?

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Credits are free currency
given through normal course of PackRat play. You are given a daily allotment of credits upon logging into the game, and can win more credit by flipping cards in the Packs of other players and Rats, and by playing FlipRat in the arcade.


Credits can be used to buy cards in the free markets, the auction market, and XL markets (if you have a subscription). Credits cannot be used in ticket markets.


Credit markets in PackRat all have the orange coin in the top left of the market icon:


Free credit markets:

*while free players are allowed to purchase cards from the Fort Worth Auction House, they are not allowed to sell them there unless they are XL members*


The number in the top left corner of a card followed by “Cr” shows the player how many credits a card costs to buy.


While extra credits cannot be purchased with a credit card, they can be purchased with tickets (which need to first be purchased with a credit/debit card). For example, 5000 credits cost 50 tickets, which in turn costs $5.00.


Cards in the free credit markets are only available for a short amount of time (1-2 weeks) before they retire permanently to ticket-only markets.







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