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There are two types of user accounts for PackRat:


1.) Free users. When you first start playing PackRat, your default account will be a free account. You will be able to access all free credit markets (Santa Monica, Venice, Rio de Janeiro) to make purchases with credits. You will not be able to buy cards from XL markets, though you will be able to see what cards are in these markets.

-Free users can purchase cards from the player-run auction markets (Fort Worth and Moscow), but they can not sell cards in these markets.

-Free users have the option of purchasing tickets so they can buy cards in the premium ticket markets, but they cannot use these tickets to buy cards in the XL markets.


2.) Subscribed (XL) users. Subscribed users pay a monthly subscription fee to be able to access the premium XL markets. Cards are still purchased with credits from these markets, but users may also purchase tickets so they can buy cards from the ticket markets. 

-Subscriptions renew automatically each month if purchased from a desktop computer (subscriptions do not auto-renew when purchased from the mobile app), but you can cancel at any time (one month minimum).

-Subscribed users have complete access to all XL markets; cards are released here first before becoming available in the free credit markets.

-Subscribed users have 50 card spots in their pack versus 20 for free users.

-Subscribed users get a bonus 200 tickets and 45,000 extra credits each month, as well as 6,000 free daily credits (compared to 2,000 if not subscribed).

-Subscribed users have a greater odd of their cards being foiled.

-Subscribed users may sell cards in either of the auction markets (Fort Worth or Moscow)

-Subscribed users can have up to 8 Pack Pets (cards that have been locked with a Pack Pet lock), whereas free users can have up to 4 Pack Pets.

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