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FlipRat is a simulated betting game accessed while logged into PackRat by going to the Arcade. It is a way of winning credits, tickets, cards, and draw cards. Credits or tickets that were bet and then lost cannot be refunded, so play wisely!


1.) To access FlipRat, click on the game controller icon at the top of the page:



2.) You will see this dialogue box. If you want to play the game by using credits, click on the left side of the box. To play the game with tickets, click on the right side:



3.) In this case, the left side of the box was clicked. At the bottom of the screen, you can change the bet amount by clicking the Bet button; you can choose from 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 credits, with correspondingly higher prizes for each bet. If you didn’t mean to bet at a certain level, you can simply click the bet button again and it will cycle back through all bet levels. 




4.) After the bet is set, click Play when ready. Fifteen random cards will be laid face down, and then flipped:



5.) Your winnings will automatically go to your account; you cannot choose to take a certain card instead of credits. In the example below, the player won 2,500 credits after a 10,000 credit bet:




If you match three identical cards, you will win that card and a box will pop up congratulating you:




6.) FlipRat functions the same if you choose to play with tickets. The only difference is that you use tickets to place your bets, and win tickets and cards with higher CTVs (card ticket values) than you could win if betting with credits (max CTV card in credit FlipRat is 5). For example, you can win a card worth up to 1,250 tickets on a 25 ticket bet, but a card won with a 10,000 credit bet will only have a max of 5 CTV. 


In general, the odds of winning anything are slightly higher in ticket FlipRat compared to credit FlipRat. Bet amount (credit/ticket) does not influence the TYPE of card won, but higher bets (credit/ticket) do have higher odds of winning in general. Cards won in credit FlipRat will have a max CTV of 5, whereas cards won in ticket FlipRat can have a CTV value up to 750. Overall odds for credit/ticket bets are the same for standard and XL players. 


***Cards won in credit FlipRat are NOT safe from the Rats even if they have a gold border and CTV, because they were won by betting credits. Cards won in ticket FlipRat ARE permanently safe, because they were won by betting tickets***


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    Team PackRat

    Hi Gina,

    To earn this achievement, you need to have won the jackpot since this new achievement was implemented on 8/16/16. This achievement isn't rewarded retroactively, so if you won a jackpot before the 16th, you will not see the achievement until you win it again.

    When you win the jackpot, you'll see a pop up that tells you so, and you'll have the ability to share that win with Facebook. The jackpot amount for credits is as follows:

    -250 credit bet--6,250 credit jackpot

    -500 credit bet--12,500 credit jackpot

    -1000 credit bet--25,000 credit jackpot

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    Gina Isabel Fentiman

    Quick question, with the new Achievement FOW's there is one that says won credit jackpot in fliprat, I have won credits, both with the ones that automatically appear and the ones that spin, yet I have not receive my FOW for this achievement, is there a min amount of credits won on on the spins to be called a jackpot?

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    Gina Isabel Fentiman

    Ahh that is what happened, the amounts I won on the flip rat were of a lesser amount. Thank you for the reply and clarification! 

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