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A surer way of acquiring a card from someone else without stealing is to propose a trade. This is useful when a card you want is safe or locked in someone’s pack. Whereas you need to be either an FFA player or have been given steal permission to steal a card from another player's Pack, you don’t need to be following another player in order to request a trade.


1.) To trade a card, first head to the Explorer page to view the Packs of players you're following, the Rats, or any other player whose PackRat ID number/display name you know.




2.) Once you have found a card in another user’s pack that you’d like to trade for, click on the button with the two cards, in the top right corner of the user’s Pack. You will be prompted to select a card:



3.) Then click on the card you’d like to trade for, which will bring up this box:




After you select what card from your Pack you'd like to trade, you can click the pencil icon to add in a comment and/or to sweeten the deal by offering (or requesting) credits in addition to the card you want to trade. 




However, you will be charged a 10% Rat Tax on the credits you offer along with a trade card (so if you offered 1000 credits and a card and the trade were accepted, you'd lose the card and 1,100 credits).




After you have edited the trade details, click the green trade button, and the proposal will be sent:




4.) If the trade is accepted, the cards and/or credits will automatically switch hands, and both cards will have a temporary, 24-hour safe timer on them, which will prevent them from being stolen. 


5.) If you are the recipient of a trade request, in your Pack you will see a colorful card with TRADE on the top:




6.) Click on the trade card to see what the proposed trade (and optional message) is, and then either accept or decline the offer:




You can always take time to consider this trade offer by clicking off the dialogue box. Trade offers are valid for 7 days. When you're ready to decide, then simply click on the trade card in your Pack, or click on the 2-card icon on the top right of your Pack:



This will bring up a box that shows any pending incoming trades: 



Similarly, you can view all pending outgoing trades by clicking this same button.


If the trade is accepted, and you are the one who proposed it, you will see a pop up notification in the bottom left of your screen, and the message center will indicate you have a new notification:



This information will also be shown in your recent activity, by clicking on the white envelope at the top right of the screen:



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