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A Pack Pet Lock is a gadget purchased with tickets from the Las Vegas Market. Just like bling and lock gadgets, Pack Pet Locks are added onto a particular card, transforming the card into your official Pack Pet!


We offer this Pack Pet gadget because players sometimes accidentally trade, vault, or make a recipe card with a card they had been trying to keep protected in their Pack. Many players informally use permanently locked cards as Pack Pets, but doing so takes up valuable Pack space and counts toward the lock limit.

Importantly, the Pack Pet gadget allows you to keep your favorite card in your Pack forever, a virtual mascot and friendly guard of your Pack that doesn't count toward a Pack or lock space!


Pack Pet Locks do three things:


1.) Free up a space in your pack (the card with the Pack Pet lock doesn't count toward your total). *note that the Pack Pet lock WILL take up a space in your Pack until it is added to a card*


2.) Protect the card it's added to from steals, trades, vaulting, recipe making, etc. so you don't accidentally give up or lose one of your favorite cards!


3.) Effectively lock a card without counting toward your lock gadget limit (standard players can have up to 5 locked cards, while XL players can have up to 15)


Adding a Pack Pet to a card that has already been foiled and/or blinged will NOT remove the foil/bling from the card, even though the intermediate preview screen before the Pack Pet is actually applied will default to show a selected card as being unblinged.


*NOTE* If you want to bling your Pack Pet, you must do so BEFORE activating the Pack Pet lock; once the lock has been activated on a card, that card cannot be modified in any way until the lock is removed.


To add a Pack Pet Lock to a favorite card, first purchase the gadget from the ticket market. The gadget will migrate to your pack. From your Pack, click on the gadget:



Click "use gadget," and then click whatever card in your pack you would like to designate as your Pack Pet. 



Click 'apply,' and the card you chose is now officially your Pack Pet! It will automatically show an icon of a cat face in the top left corner of the card, and this card will be the first card(s) you see in your Pack!




A couple of important things to note:


*While a Pack Pet gadget can be removed from a card after adding it to that card, doing so will cause the gadget to disappear the same way removing a regular lock from a card would cause the lock gadget to disappear; you cannot use the same Pack Pet Lock on multiple cards, and you cannot re-add the same Pack Pet Lock to a card after it's been removed (though you can always buy another one to re-add).


*Pack Pet cards are ordered by the date in which the card was originally created (by making, buying, or winning it); they are not ordered based on the date that the Pack Pet lock was applied, and they're not ordered by retire date or publish date of the collection the card belongs to.


*If a card was leafed to begin with (meaning it was purchased with tickets or won playing FlipRat with tickets), adding a Pack Pet lock, and then removing it, will remove the leaf from the card.


*Bling CAN NOT be added once a card has the Pack Pet lock on it!


*If a card is currently under a lock, either temporary or permanent, adding a Pack Pet Lock to this card will dissolve the existing lock and automatically override it; doing so also allows the player to buy another lock gadget if (s)he was currently at the limit since Pack Pets don't count toward lock limits (5 locks for standard, 15 locks for XL).


*Standard players can have 5 Pack Pets in their Pack, while XL players can have up to 8 at a time. If you have more than one Pack Pet, the first card you purchased that has a Pack Pet lock will be the one shown in the top left corner of your Pack, even if this was the most recent Pack Pet you created.



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