Official Rules of PackRat

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PackRat Rules

We’re not big on rules here at PackRat, and we've built a game that allows and encourages very open styles of gameplay. Please read these guidelines thoroughly and respect the following requests:

- Use Only One PackRat Account -

It is a violation of the Facebook Terms of Service and the PackRat Terms of Service to create and/or access more than one account, regardless of their relation to you, family or not. Not only is it against our Terms, but using multiple accounts allows for an unfair advantage and is against the Spirit of the Game.

- Do Not Use Scripts to Automate Your Gameplay -

We realize it’s possible to use a script to play the game for you by collecting credits and camping on cards. We believe this is unfair and inconsiderate. Like duplicate accounts, scripting PackRat is against Facebook’s Terms, our Terms, and yes, the Spirit of the Game.

- Be Kind -

Please treat all players with respect. We want everyone who plays PackRat to be welcomed and have fun. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.


Enforcement Policy

We take the needs of all our players seriously, and sometimes that means limiting a player’s access if their actions are affecting the enjoyment of others.

If we determine you have violated the rules, we will send you an in-game warning message and/or suspend your account. Habitual offenders will be permanently banned.

All enforcement actions are taken seriously and are reviewed and decided upon by an internal committee.

Please respect your fellow players and these rules. We’re not trying to ruin anyone’s fun, we simply need to keep the game fair and balanced.

If you see a violation of rules, please contact support and we will resolve the issue as quickly and fairly as possible.

Thank you for understanding. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to enjoy a game we all care so deeply and passionately about.

All our best,

Team PackRat

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