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Welcome to the new Scrapbook feature!


The Scrapbook is a customizable display within your home Pack where you can organize your cards any way you desire—use it to show off your favorite cards, or organize collections you’re working on, or use it as a place to store cards you’re willing to trade, or cards you’re okay with having stolen by other players. Customize your Scrapbook any way you'd like to and be as creative as you'd like! For a limited time, we are offering the Scrapbook view to all players; after April 12, 2023, it will be available only to XL subscribers.


To access the Scrapbook, simply click/tap on the new Scrapbook view button, the one that looks like a little book. 



You will see a new background, distinct from the home Pack view, and a grid layout of either 20 or 50 card slots, depending on whether you’re a standard player or an XL subscriber. (Note: in the next app update we will increase the Scrapbook size to 58 for XL players, since XL players can have 8 Pack Pets, which do not count against Pack space).



At the bottom is the carousel bar from which to choose cards to go into the Scrapbook:



Click and hold or tap and hold to drag a card up into a Scrapbook position (vertical swipes are best to prevent the the carousel bar from moving). You will see a given card slot highlight when the card can be dropped; release the tap/mouse and the card will snap into place into one of the slots. Once in a slot, a card can be swapped into any other spot on the grid that doesn't have a card there already, and you can change a cards position as many times as you'd like.




Newly acquired cards, whether from buying them from markets, receiving them in trades/steals, winning them in FlipRat or as a draw card, or by making them, will show up in the front of the carousel (at the far left). To remove a card from the Scrapbook, simply click/tap and hold and swipe it to the left of the right of the screen, or toward the bottom carousel bar. 


To increase the size of cards in the Scrapbook, simply pinch to zoom the way you would on any other screen, or use the card size setting in the settings menu if you’re playing on the web. 


Any action you can take on a card in your Pack you can also take on a card in your Scrapbook. You can lock cards, unlock cards, vault cards, make cards, trade cards, and steal cards from this screen when looking at another player’s scrapbook who has given you steal permission (or if you’re FFA).




To lock cards in your Scrapbook, you need not drag the lock into the scrapbook first either; during Vault and Make actions, you can also select cards in the carousel that are not yet in the scrapbook. 


To view the Scrapbook of another player in the explorer, simply find that player in the Explorer (or from your manage Friends screen), and tap/click the Scrapbook button. You’ll see the new background and cards the player has added there. Note that if a player does not have any scrapbook data, that button will grey out, as in the screenshot below: 





This feature is available to all players, XL and standard, until April 12, 2023. If you have XL and your subscription lapses, the cards in your Scrapbook will persist, but you will no longer be able to see the Scrapbook. If you re-purchase XL, that data will come back (though if a card has been removed from your Pack via other gameplay methods, that card will not be in your Scrapbook anymore either).

Please note that this new feature does not impact your home Pack screen, which will always be there and will continue to function the way it has. Cards in the Scrapbook are the same cards in your Pack, but the display of them is different. They are not copies, so action taken in the Scrapbook affect that card in the Pack, and vice versa.

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