I can't log into PackRat from Chrome 59, help!

Team PackRat -

Google updated their Chrome browser to version 59 in mid-June of 2017. Since this update, some web players are having trouble logging in: players go to playpackrat.com, enter in their password, and are told to re-enter it despite it being correct. If this is happening to you, please try the following:

1.) Clear your cache/cookies in Chrome: click three vertical dots to the top right of the screen-->click more tools-->clear browsing data. Make sure you have ‘cached images and files’ and ‘cookies and other site data’ selected.




2.) Open a new tab in chrome and type in www.facebook.com. If you are brought to any other screen than the main login screen (i.e., if you are brought to  your personal profile upon going to Facebook), then you’re still logged into Facebook, so you’ll need to log out. Do so by clicking the inverted arrow in the top right of the screen on Facebook, and then clicking ‘Log Out.’



3.) Open a new tab, and go to www.playpackat.com. You should be brought to the landing page with the big blue button. Click the button and type in your username and password, and then log on.

4.) If you are still having trouble logging in, then right click on the Chrome icon on your computer, and select ‘new incognito window,’ or, use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + shift +n to launch a new Chrome Incognito window (Chrome will already have to be open for this shortcut to work). Confirm you’re not logged into Facebook. Go to playpackrat.com, and sign in.

5.) If none of this works, then we suggest trying a different browser, such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari

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