Game freezes in Chrome 59 after opening new tab, help!

Team PackRat -

Since Google updated Chrome to version 59 in mid-June 2017, some players using this browser are experiencing trouble with the game freezing if they open up a new tab, and then navigate back to the game. The screen seems to be completely frozen so you can’t click on any card, which has forced players to reload their game. We’re actively working on diagnosing this problem, but it’s proving to be a huge headache. For now, this trick is a little quicker than reloading the whole game:

-Log into PackRat in Chrome, and make sure the window is maximized (takes up the whole screen).

-If you go to a different tab and then back to the game and it’s frozen, simply resize the screen by clicking the window button just to the left of the red X in Chrome, at the top right; doing so wakes your game back up, and will even complete any action you tried when the screen was frozen (e.g., if you clicked a card when it was frozen, and then resize the screen to unfreeze it, the card will now pop up as if it hadn’t been frozen when clicked). Clicking this window button again will maximize the screen again. 



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