Friends' Groups and Notes

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Friends' Groups

To help you manage the other players you interact with, you can add players to one of three groups (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3) from the Manage Friends screen. You can also add notes (160 character limit) to the profile of an individual player, whether or not you follow them; these notes will only be visible to you (see bottom of article for more on notes).

To add players you already follow to a specific group, pull up the 'Manage Friends' screen by clicking on the gear icon in the game, and then 'Manage Friends':





The default screen will pop up, with the three permission sections: players allowed to steal from you (‘Trust’), players you’re following, and players whom you’ve blocked from trade requests and comments. There will be a button next to the name of anyone in your default Manage Friends screen, on the far right:



If you don't currently follow a player, you can search for them from within the 'Manage Friends' screen by typing their name in the white box and clicking 'Find.'



The player's profile will then pop up, allowing you to manage permissions of the player, send them a message, or add them to a friend group:





You can also add a player to a friend group by finding them in the Explorer, clicking on their profile, and then clicking on the Grouping icon (circle with a pin through it); adding a player you don’t currently follow (or don't currently have blocked) to a group will automatically add this player to your ‘following’ section of the Manage Friends screen:



After you've added your friends to different groups, simply click on the tabs at the top to see that group of friends:



After clicking the Group 1 tab, I can see the player(s) I've added to that group:



After your friends and players you follow have been grouped, you can also access these groups from the Explorer screen:





Friends' Notes

You can also add notes to the profiles of specific players, even if you don't follow them--these notes can be up to 160 characters long, and only you will see these notes!





Important things to keep in mind:

-Permissions you give to a player have no bearing on what group they’re in

-You can change permissions for a player from within a group, or from the default tab (‘All’) in the Manage Friends Screen, OR, you can do so by finding them in the Explorer and clicking on their profile picture.

-You do not need to be following someone first to add them to a group, but adding them to a group will automatically put them in your following list.

-Players you've blocked can also be added to a group

-If a player doesn't have a status, then when you click on their profile, you will only see the Notes box (the white text field).


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